Software solution that will advance your business and a team that will take the matter into their own hands and advance your logistic processes and procedures.

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Beat the costs, the complexity of business and demands of your clients with our software solution.

What’s in it for you ?

Warehouse management software for 3PL, supply chains and as a support to manufacturing process


To our clients we offer a complete service of optimization and advancement of existing logistic processes, as well as designing and planning IT infrastructure

With detailed analysis of your business, using our expertise and experience we will define the processes and procedures that will suit your company


From the beginning of our collaboration you can count on our full support – both from the user experience and for all the new challenges posed by the market, clients or consumers.

Focus on your business and confide all of the challenges, problems or doubts revolving around the implementation of the software solution, logistic processes and work procedures in our team.


We value the complexity of your business and the market you conduct your business in.

Our common goal is to use your existing resources to the fullest, cut your costs and improve the quality of your services.

" A part of our business is trusted in SMARTBIT, and from the moment of implementation to the present we only have the words of praise for their efficiency, professionalism and their approach to work. "

Miloš Vujanić i tim


Min-Commerce / Gurman

" For the past nine year we have been very satisfied with the product. The system is very reliable and secure; it covers all of our needs and the needs of our clients, all whilst covering all the criteria and standards of modern logistics. One of the most important things is that the software solution is flexible in terms of modularity, upgrade, modification of documents etc. The response and support are fantastic, better and faster than we anticipated – our recommendation. "

Oliver Petrović

Operation & Sales Director


" SMARTBIT WMS has significantly helped us with standardization of our processes, it has increased our productivity and efficiency, and enabled us high precision in selection of goods for delivery. The significant increase in speed and precision has vastly improved the satisfaction of our clients. This ver simple to use WMS includes a large number of useful reports, that enable tracking of key indicators, and by that also a quick implementation of corrective measures, if necessary. "

Aleksandar Radovanović

Logistic manager