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The control of the flow of goods and information through SmartBit’s WMS software solution satisfies all the needs of modern businesses and food safety standards as well as consumer protection.

Permanent systematic care of quality information in production and warehousing processes as well as in the supply chain provides users with reliable and accurate data of inventories, deliveries and traceability of goods, as well as systematic management of processes and manpower.


Supply chain

Reduce customer's products returns and manage products returns with a clearly defined procedure with the support of our software.

Systematize and solve the problem of “replacement”.

Replace the gloomy stocktaking with short and simple checks. With our software stocktaking is done every day without even doing stocktake!

Manage expiration dates. Different time limits for different customers! Synchronize warehouse operations with sales and loyalty policies.

Shared and aggregate orders.

Management of the picking zone and additions.


Manage customs warehouses and customs goods.


Labeling of unit and transport packaging of finished product according to GS1 standard.

Receipt from production as per production order.

Requirements for production, management of raw materials, packaging and semi-finished products.

Traceability for raw materials consumed and finished product

The quality control department is covered by our software and autonomously manages the status of products and raw materials.


Systematic and accurate payment of logistic services ensures working with multiple clients and accepting smaller dynamic jobs.

Transparent invoicing of logistics services with a detailed overview of all services provides trust and long-term cooperation with your clients.

Dynamic creation of services that can be recorded provides flexibility.

Different interfaces ensure that your clients can connect their systems to yours or use your software as their remote access.

Your clients are provided with an instant overview of inventory status, orders and activities where they can access data on their own or receive generated reports.

Traceability of goods and documents.

Records of relevant data ensure traceability in the supply chain - from raw material to finished product and consumer, and vice versa - from consumer and finished product to raw materials and packaging consumed for some product.

One of the traceability scenarios:

There happens to be a malfunction of the finished product by consumer, and the distributing center has been noticed:

-Other customers are advised to stop selling the defective product.The remaining defective goods in the warehouse are blocked.

- The supplier of the problem batch is notified or, in the case of production, the batch manufactured and the entire raw material is being tested.

Traceability of goods and documents
Manpower management

Manpower management.

Software management of tasks and workplaces.

Assigning orders to specific operators.

Splitting orders by operators.

Expedition Zone.

Order for addition in picking zone.

Picking without waiting for addition.

Operator performance.

Picked quantity in unit of time.

Estimating the length of breaks between items orders.

Number of items processed and total number of orders per unit of time.

Estimating the length of breaks between orders.

Average time per item for a given period, day, week, month.

Average time per order for a given period, day, week, month.

Number of whole transport units lodged.

Operator performance
System-driven separation

System-driven separation.

Optimal movement of the operator.

Mapped warehouse.

Picking zone and replenishment zone.


Our solution complies with the food safety and consumer protection standards and is compatible with the implementation of the standards and certification.

GS1 standards are a part of the solution for receiving goods as well as labeling in the realization of production.

Transport unit

Modern technological solutions, complex algorithms, optimization, machine learning and AI is what makes our solution special and your daily business simple.


Manage expiration dates.

Defining critical deadlines that can comply with the product level, the customer level, as well as the product level with different criteria for different customers.

Automatic generation of reports with critical deadlines and alarms.

Automatic generation of expired reports and alarms.

Defining deadlines for product withdrawal.

Quality control.

Define your procedures in accordance with the standards and implement them through a software solution.

Provide systematic monitoring of the status of goods by the quality control department in the production and supply chain.

3PL- Logistics records and payment services.

Payment for picking, inbound and outbound manipulations and all other activities.

Reports and alarms.

Reports are generic, customizable and user-friendly.

Advanced users can add new filters to existing reports as well as generate reports independently.

Reports can be generated automatically and emailed to the user at a specific time, e.g., the number of refunds from the previous day, expired, realization of orders and similar.

WMS, ERP and other systems.

Connection to ERP systems, SAP, Pantheon, IT Navigator...

Connection to TMS systems.

WMS, ERP and other systems